Source Telecoms Supported and Participated in the PhNOG 2022

Source Telecoms supported and participated in the PhNOG 2022 event held last  July 11-15, 2022 at New World Hotel, Makati Philippines. The event was well attended by participants not only from the Philippines but from the region. 

Source Telecoms is aligned and supports PhNOG’s objective which is giving importance to Network Operating Groups (NOGs) in the region to bring together the Network Operators to discuss the various topics important to the Filipino community and to further build capacity to support growth. Some of the topics discussed during the event are the updates and challenges faced in IXP development, peering, IPv6 and RPKI deployment not only in the Philippines but in the region; panel discussions touching on Diversity in Tech, and workshops conducted include DNSSEC, DNS Privacy, RPKI and BGP Security.

Kudos to the PhNOG officers and organizers for a very meaningful and successful event!