IoT Enabled

Source Telecoms x Packetworx IoT solution provides solutions that offer both sustainability and efficiency for the needs of the local communities, managing the cities’ resources, traffic and peace and order.

Energy Management

Provides city facilities managers can easily
monitor and wisely budget their energy usage.

packetPOWER   |   packetSWITCH   |   packetMOTION
packetCOUNTER   |   packetPULSE   |   packetVOLTAGE

Traffic Management & Planning

Provides warning messages and diversion, thereby avoiding climate-related conditions and unexpected events such as accidents and traffic jams.

packetCOUNTER   |   packetSWITCH

Environmental Monitoring & Agricultural Sensing

Helps reduce air pollution and carbon footprint in the environment & gathers data on soil moisture and ammonia levels and help managers monitor their irrigation systems.

packetTEMP+HUM   |   packetAIR

Water Management

Monitors water facility systems and ensures that efficient operations are maintained and constituents’ needs are adequately met.

packetWATER   |   packetLEAK

Weather & Flood Monitoring

Monitors flood-prone areas and forecast events that may be harmful for the citizens.

packetFLOOD   |   packetWEATHER

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