IoT Enabled

Source Telecoms x Packetwork IoT solution equips industries with intelligent solutions and expertise to bring your business in the forefront of innovation and gain competitive advantage.

Facility Monitoring

Creates a comfortable & productive environment with a system that actively monitors temperature, air conditions, and lighting levels.

packetAIR   |   packetCURRENT
packetTEMP+HUM   |   packetSWITCH

Customer Behavior & Feedback

Gather insights and trends of customers based on their movement.

packetMOTION   |   packetSURVEY

Fleet Tracking

Monitors the dispatch & arrival of stock deliveries
& pinpoint any cause of delay.


Equipment Monitoring

Conducts predictive maintenance through consistent equipment monitoring and get real-time alerts on its status.

packetCURRENT   |   packetPROBE

Asset Tracking

Equipment movement monitoring to prevent theft & loss.


Fuel Inventory Monitoring

Get real-time data on fuel output of your pumping stations for better insights and inventory management and correlate it with sales data.

packetMotion | packetDoor

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