Source Telecoms expands its IoT portfolio by partnering with Packetworx

Source Telecommunications Inc., a company that offers high-quality internet, data network and ICT services, joins hands with Packetworx, the country’s only Internet of Things (IoT) network provider and social enterprise, to enable and accelerate digital transformation across enterprises with the Internet of Things. Through this partnership, both companies hope to hasten the adoption of IoT in the country and effectively contribute to the massive growth happening in today’s industry.

Packetworx is consistently on the lookout for opportunities to work with an organization like Source Telecoms that has the same level of commitment towards IoT adoption. The partnership is geared toward accelerating the deployment of IoT for diverse enterprises by providing them with easy-to-install, low-cost, long-range, and low-power devices and a wireless network to kickstart their automation journey. This capability is crucial in seamlessly sending data to platforms and ensuring efficiency and productivity in every stage of the business process.

For Packetworx CEO Arnold Bagabaldo, “Joining forces with Source Telecoms is vital in ensuring that the right package of IoT solutions easily reaches the hands of stakeholders. This helps streamline processes and ultimately contributes to long-term sustainability. We believe the right IoT partnership is key to bolstering digital transformation.” Source Telecoms’ Dorothy Tanedo-Jao adds that, “the partnership with Packetworx strengthens our commitment to deliver services beyond the traditional telco services and be at the forefront of our customers’ digital transformation journey through IoT adoption.”

With the capabilities of Source Telecoms, innovative solutions will be rolled out, enabling IoT-powered buildings, cities, utilities, and industries. Smart buildings allow property owners and managers to enhance occupant experience and eventually optimize their revenues. Relevant to this development, it has already become apparent that smart cities are the future of communities and make actionable real-time data accessible to local government administrators. This makes it easier to implement sustainability policies, manage the city’s resources, and many more. In addition, IoT solutions for smart utilities offer ease of distribution and automation. Enterprises taking advantage of smart utility solutions have already seen how these effectively reduce wastage while ensuring the satisfaction of their customers. Lastly, the partnership aims to inspire IoT-enabled industries that foster enterprises and companies equipped with the digital capability they need to expand and succeed. 

About Source Telecoms

Source Telecommunications Inc. is a premium telecommunications and ICT company that strives to provide high-quality and reliable internet, network and ICT services to all its clients. They continually work towards building a dynamic business environment where standards are elevated through their unwavering commitment to improving the service in the telecommunications industry for the benefit of their customers.

About Packetworx

Packetworx is the leading enabler of IoT and the only IoT technology social enterprise in the Philippines. The company’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of IoT solutions to help the country transition toward an Internet-powered future. They do this by providing end-to-end IoT solutions, be it devices, network infrastructure, or cloud-based data visualization tools.