Site Acquisition Specialist

Job Description and Scope

  • ¬†Negotiation and acquisition of new buildings as part of expansion plans
  • Able to articulate technical and commercial details of setting up a facility or a node inside a building or property.
  • Able to maintain a healthy network of Property Managers or Building Administrators
  • Ensures visibility and representation and active participation in Property Management industry associations and events.
  • Able to assess and validate new and upcoming property builds, align with expansion team and management, and ensure our network presence in high-value buildings.
  • Own end to end process of JPA partners – from contract review, operational process – handles application and negotiations of JPA and RTA with new and existing partners, and retirement of partnerships as needed.
  • Maintain a good network and partnerships with both property management and local government units and agencies. Coordinate and secure permits from property managers and relevant government entities for required permits for installation, expansion and restoration activities and projects.
  • Demonstrate good judgement based on what is favorable to the company in terms of negotiating fees & other terms and conditions of Building Admin, LGU and other government entities in securing permits and contracts
  • Timely submit reports for the Management and concerned group.
  • Attend and perform other tasks that may be assigned to her/him from time to time.


  • A college or university graduate.
  • Has a solid background with Site Acquisition.
  • Must have excellent negotiation skills (especially with Property Managers or Administrators)
  • Possess effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Possess knowledge on basic computer applications and software.
  • Can act as a leader and a team player at the same time.
  • Result-oriented.