Backed by a Congressional Mega-Franchise, we will provide you with fast and reliable data services to help you grow your business. We have over 15 years of experience in designing, building, and providing fiber optic IP networks and ICT services. We pioneered a full IP network in the Philippines and our fiber optic network is underground and fully redundant in the Central Business Districts.

We maintain our own Outside Plant Support team and have a Network Operations Center ready to serve you 24/7 .

Our connection stretches out from Metro Manila all the way to the north and south Luzon so we can provide you wherever you are. We have multiple international peering and redundant connections, ensuring that your internet is always fast and connected. Connect with us and experience the internet like never before.

We can't wait for you to Get it from the Source.


Source Telecommunications Inc. is a premium telecommunications company that strives to provide high quality internet and exceptional service to all its clients.

We continually  work towards building a dynamic business environment where standards are elevated through our unwavering commitment to improve the service in the telecommunications industry for the benefit of our customer.