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Role Overview:

  • Analysis the Requirements from telecom Operator and Translate to internal Solution.

  • Provide High Level Solution for OSP Scope, including FTTX, Optical Fiber Cable Backbone, Aerial Cable laying, Buried Cable solution.

  • Prepare Rollout Plan, Resource Plan, Responsibility Matrix, Implementation Proposal, Acceptance Plan, SLA, technical proposal.

  • Prepare the cost of Project management.

  • Analysis the RFP, and worked with technical team to propose qualified product and service, prepare Deviation Table.

  • Sourcing qualified vendor, negotiate and qualify service vendor.

  • Cost Analysis and optimization of OSP service.

Required Qualifications:

  • Must have Bachelor’s Degree in Bachelors Degree in Engineering (Electronics and Communications, computer, Civil work or equivalent), business or related field.

  • Must have experience of FTTX or FOC Backbone project management, rollout management are preferred.

  • Experience in FTTX, backbone OSP tendering experience is preferred.

  • Experience on Telecom Project Detail Design, BoQ preparation are preferred.

  • Must be well-organized and must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Must be willing to learn new knowledge.

  • Flexible to work long hours as demanded by projects.